Adopting nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction in Latin America


Ilieva, Lili McQuistan, Colin Rodriguez, Ana Victoria Guevara, Oscar Cordero, Doris Podvin, Karen Renaud, Fabrice



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Practical Action


Medio ambiente y cambio climático




Practical Action Latin America (Soluciones Prácticas), as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Program, sought to collect evidence of examples using nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction in Latin America and convenes a platform for regional knowledge exchange and learning. This working document is a collaborative effort between WWF, IUCN and Practical Action as a result of the Latin America Regional Workshop entitled “Towards nature-based solutions: Green infrastructure for flood risk reduction”, that took place on 11-12 December 2017 in Lima, Peru. Based on the experiences presented at the workshop and the discussions held around them, this document provides key messages on the opportunities that nature-based solutions provide to address flood risk. It advocates for the need of adaptive governance as well as collaborative work to address flood-related challenges through responsible ecosystem management. In addition, the document seeks to facilitate knowledge generation and uptake at a regional scale to strengthen regional, national and local flood resilience.

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